Lifeguard Patrol

School graduates are offered immediate professional rehabilitation, as the Lifeguard Patrol has been covering lifeguard shores since 2004, employing around 70 professional lifeguards each summer on the coasts of Pieria. In addition, it trains pool lifeguards, who, respectively, are employed in hotels and leisure facilities.

Career as a lifeguard

High earnings

Salaries of a lifeguard at Lifeguard Patrol amount to €4,800 plus the gifts provided for by law. The above salaries refer to 4 months of full-time employment (June-September)

Working days

All lifeguards employed by Lifeguard Patrol work 6 days a week. Their employment involves 8-hour daily work. For sea lifeguards: 10:00 am – 6:00 pm | For pool lifeguards: The hours defined by the respective company.

Time off/Leaves

Every sea or pool Lifeguard Patrol lifeguard shall enjoy all leaves and days off provided by law.


Get informed, trained, developed, and boost your career as a lifeguard. A job on the beautiful shores of Pieria is waiting for you!