Lifeguard coverage

Lifeguard Patrol

Lifeguard Patrol takes care of meeting the challenges, and succeeds in providing maximum security in the liquid element area. It is the company that provides the most appropriate and complete lifeguard coverage in any aquatic environment.

Where we provide coverage



In all coastal municipalities that have beaches characterized as "busy", on organized beaches as well as hotels with private beaches.



In all swimming pools of hotels and other tourist accommodation, municipal and private swimming pools, water parks and recreational areas.



In all sports events (open or closed), in social and cultural events as well as any kind of activity on the seashore and the beach.

We covered as lifeguards

Swimming Race

Santorini Experience

Lifeguard Coverage

Pieria coasts

Swimming Race


Swimming Race

Authentic Swim Marathon

Municipal Swimming Pool

Katerini Swimming Pool

Swimming Race

Patmos Revelation