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The training is aimed at people who wish to learn the techniques and methods of lifeguard prevention and rescue in order to achieve either professional rehabilitation or just the knowledge of these special techniques as a personal resource.


Theory and practice

The courses cover the entire range of theoretical and practical material set by the Ministry of Shipping and Aegean, as well as all further preparation at tutorial level for the exams by the Port Authority of the country.

Specifically, the courses include lifeguarding theory and practice, duration 95 hours.

First Aid theory and practice, duration 15 hours.

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Attend the courses for a total duration of 110 hours. The courses take place in the Katerini indoor swimming pool and in the school’s offices. P. Tsaldari 19


Below you will find out what are the necessary documents you will need for your participation in the sea lifeguard exams.


Take part in the certification exams. The examinations are held at member schools of the Hellenic Lifeguard Association. Lifeguard Patrol is an official examination center.


70 lifeguards will be hired this year on the coasts of Pieria! You can be one of them. Become a Lifeguard and join the Lifeguard Patrol team

Become a lifeguard

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Color, recent ID-type photo.

Identity card or other identification document.

Recent (within the last six months) certificates or attestations from doctors specializing in Psychiatrist, Dermatologist, Pathologist or general practitioner or medical practitioner and Cardiologist, private or from public hospitals, from which it can be concluded that the person concerned is mentally healthy, does not suffer from communicable disease and is medically fit to practice the profession of lifeguard.

Recent (within the last month) medical certificates from doctors specializing in Pathology or general medicine or medical practice, Pulmonology-Tuberculosis, Psychiatry, Ophthalmology and Dermatology, certifying-certifying, within the scope of each doctor’s specialty, that the person concerned a) does not suffers from a contagious disease and b) is medically fit to practice the specific profession. In addition, a health certificate from a Cardiologist, certifying that he does not suffer from cardiovascular disease, must be submitted.

Consent form of law 1599/1986, in which states that:

1. I am not being prosecuted as a fugitive or defaulter.

2. I have not been irrevocably or finally convicted of manslaughter, espionage, robbery, theft, embezzlement, fraudulent bankruptcy, smuggling, tax evasion, bribery, bribery, forgery, forgery, infidelity, fraud, extortion, defamation, crime against sexual freedom , economic exploitation of sexual life, violation of the law on drugs and intermediaries, illegal fishing using explosives or chemicals or plant materials or devices that produce electrical discharges, violation of law 192/1936 and in any sentence with even a partial deprivation of civil rights or I have been convicted and five years have passed for misdemeanors or ten years for felonies.


For the sea lifeguard license

According to the legislation, the conditions to become a professional lifeguard require the following:

From a lifeguard school recognized by the ministry. Train and earn your lifeguard certification in Lifeguard Patrol.

The sea lifeguard is required to operate a speedboat. Lifeguard Patrol cooperates with speedboat schools and will guide you properly to obtain your pilot’s license.

Successful participation in examinations of the Union of Lifeguard Schools of Greece of the respective Port Authority. Lifeguard Patrol is an official examination center.


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