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To work as a sea lifeguard one must hold a speedboat license. Lifeguard Patrol cooperates with the Apoplous speedboat school, which can train and prepare you for the exam.


Applicants must be over 18 years of age, know swimming, and be healthy.

Theory and practice

The training for the speedboat license consists of 6 hours of theory and 3 hours of practical training.

The theoretical courses take place in the school’s offices, while the practical courses take place at sea on the school’s boat.

The school’s experienced instructors will prepare you and provide you with all the necessary supplies for safe use of the boat.


3 recent color photographs and corresponding digital file.

Identity card or other identification document.

Certificates of doctors specializing in pathology or general medicine, and ophthalmologist.

Holders of a valid car or motorcycle or moped driver’s license are not required to provide medical certificates, but can provide a certified photocopy of the aforementioned license.

Port authority application validated under Article 8 of Law 1599/1986 (A΄ 75), deemed to be the original signature, in which the following is written/declared:

Administrative fees of fifty (50) euros in favor of E.K.O.E.M.N. and fifteen (15) euros in favor of the State. (IRS duplicate in KAE 3435).

When a license is needed?

The speedboat license gives you the possibility to use a boat up to 20 meters if it is rented, and up to 100 register tons if it is privately owned.

A register ton corresponds to 2.83 cubic meters and is the unit of measurement of vessel volume.

Vessel regardless of type & material Inflatable boat
Continuous horsepower outboard motor 30HP and up 15HP and up
Inboard/Outboard engine or inboard gasoline engine of maximum continuous horsepower 40HP and up 40HP and up
Inboard diesel engine 70HP and up 50HP and up
Propulsion system with hydraulic reaction (jet ski) 15HP and up 15HP and up
Hover craft type moped 15HP and up 15HP and up

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