The company

Lifeguard Patrol

Lifeguard Patrol has been active in lifeguarding for 20 years. Its action concerns both the field of training and the provision of lifeguard services. The school is recognized by the Ministries of Shipping and Island Policy, Health and Tourism and is a member of the Greek Association of Lifeguarding Schools.


New lifeguard courses every month. Speed courses throughout the year.


We offer immediate hiring. More than 60 lifeguard positions on the coast of Pieria.


We undertake lifeguard coverage and equip beaches and swimming pools.

First Aid

Train yourself and help a fellow human being or a member of your family.


The school trains professional lifeguards by training them in everything related to the liquid element both in theory and in practice. They are taught the relevant legislative framework, safety rules and possible risks. They are trained in the provision of First Aid and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, in the application of various – as the case may be – rescue techniques, in the correct use of lifeguarding equipment and in the handling of lifeboats.


School graduates are offered immediate professional rehabilitation, as the Lifeguard Patrol covers lifeguard coasts from 2022, employing around 60 professional lifeguards every summer. In addition, swimming pool lifeguards are employed in hotels and recreational areas.


The instructors of the school follow the developments in the field of lifeguarding at a global level and are informed about the new data, while its technical equipment is constantly renewed and includes: forty-three (43) professional motorized lifeboats of lifeguard after the necessary, five (5) JETSKI , lifeguard 4X4, rescue boards, immobilization boards, automatic external defibrillators and, in addition, everything that the P.L. 71/2020 stipulates for every professional lifeguard.


Finally, the company supports every sports event related to wet athletics and provides its services voluntarily where there is a need, as in the recent events in the Aegean.

Our team

Lifeguard Instructors

Dimitris Lambrou


Adonis Kiourtzidis



New training sessions every month. Come and join the Lifeguard Patrol team!